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8 Essentials for a Great LASIK Website that Converts Leads to Patients

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but it it’s not converting visitors into patients, it’s a complete waste. If you want to increase the number of LASIK patients that are coming to your practice, you need the right tools to help those leads convert.

When a prospective patient is “top-of-funnel” (that is, when they are Googling different practices to learn about their procedure and amass more research before they make a decision), you need to take tangible steps to convert them into real patients.

This is especially true for those practices that focus primarily on elective procedures such as LASIK and PRK. In this article, we’ll explore the different tools your website needs to have in order to attract more LASIK patients to your ophthalmic practice.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures your LASIK practice website looks great on both desktop computers and mobile devices alike. With over 50% of LASIK patients beginning their search on a mobile device, having a responsive website that looks great across all devices (no matter their size) is essential.

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Lead capture and email marketing

If you’re seeking to attract more LASIK patients, you’ll need ways to re-engage them after they’ve expressed interest. Whether it’s a newsletter subscription, a gated download, or simply a request for more information or a free consultation, capturing the email and contact information of prospective LASIK patients will give you the resources you need to re-engage and re-connect with patients who are interested in having a LASIK surgery at your practice.

Clear contact information

The number one reason prospective LASIK patients will leave a website is the lack of clear contact information. If people can’t find ways to get in touch with you, they’ll leave and go to a competitor who is easier to contact. Having clear contact information present on each and every page of your LASIK website is a crucial element to attracting more LASIK patients to your practice.

Patient testimonials

Having prominent patient testimonials on your website is one of the most powerful strategies you have to convert leads into new patients. Social proof is a powerful force that can’t be ignored – and if you have glowing reviews from former patients, new leads are more likely to convert and use your practice for their procedure. Consider asking former patients to write reviews of their experience on Google MyBusiness, Yelp, Facebook, and other review platforms online – not only is it a great way to use social proof to convert new patients, but it’s also a powerful search engine optimization tool, as Google rewards those businesses with reviews with higher search rankings.

Built-in search engine optimization

Speaking of search engine optimization for ophthalmic practices, you’ll need to make sure your LASIK website is Google-optimized out-of-the-box. Search engine optimization strategies for ophthalmologists are often misunderstood, but they’re quite simple: it’s all about optimizing your website for Google, and getting other website to link to your ophthalmic practice website. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, consider hiring an agency to help you use SEO to make your practice website more visible to LASIK patients.

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Online booking capabilities

When you think about the demographic that is most likely to book a LASIK procedure, they’re most likely in the Millennial generation. Millennials aren’t so keen on picking up the phone to request more information or schedule an appointment: they’d rather do it online. Make sure your LASIK website features prominent online booking capabilities – the easier it is, the more patients you’ll attract.

Video content

Many people – not just Millennials – are impatient when browsing websites, especially on their mobile devices. Because of this, you should strongly consider adding video content to your website rather than huge blocks of text. Whether it’s a practice promotional video or educational content designed to educate and inform people who are doing research about LASIK, it’s a great way to attract attention and help “warm leads up” to your practice and what you offer. What’s more, video has been proven to increase conversion rates and increase purchase intent…so it’s a no-brainer to have good video content on your website.

Social Media Integration

Having a strong social media strategy for your ophthalmic practice is vital in this day and age. Having robust social profiles that are active on various platforms (and linked to on your website) is a great channel for attracting new LASIK patients. Millennials and others who are interested in elective procedures are almost always on social media platforms, so increasing the number of potential “touchpoints” your business has with your potential patients is a winning strategy.


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