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Pay-Per-Click ‎(PPC) Ads for Doctors

Improve Advertising ROI and
Get More Patients.

Our Google Ads experts make it easy to grow your practice with ROI-positive campaigns – and minimal effort on your part with paid search for doctors.
Improve Your Ads
Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors

Helping leading healthcare organizations be more visible and win more patients

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Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors
Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors

8 out of 10 patients start their search for healthcare on Google. But ranking #1 on Google can take a long time. 

We help you book more appointments by getting your ads above organic search results.

Get more leads for your practice using Google ads for doctors – at a lower cost than you ever thought was possible.

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Patient leads in hours, not weeks.

The vast majority of patients click on the first Google result they see – even if it’s an ad.

Without advertising campaigns, practices have to rely on inconsistent referral sources or SEO results to improve, which can happen at a glacial pace.

Need a quick boost to this month’s revenue? Advertising on Google helps your practice grow quickly. Our PPC ads for doctors can begin delivering new patient leads within hours, not weeks.

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See How Your Paid Advertising Performs

No cookie-cutter approaches. No B.S.
Just concrete paid search for physicians that leads to tangible practice growth.

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Why are Paid Ads for doctors important?

With paid Google ads for doctors, your practice can quickly reach more patients than you would be able to organically – but the benefits don’t stop there

Immediate Results

Unlike other marketing strategies that can take months or even years to see results, Google Ads can begin delivering patient leads right away.

Clear, Actionable Reporting

Don’t be left in the dark about your advertising performance – get real data with PPC for healthcare that helps you make better decisions.

Target the Right Prospects

Advanced targeting settings let you to display the right message at the right time, honing in on patients who are most likely to convert and lead to real revenue.

Only Pay for Results

Stop throwing money away on marketing strategies that don’t produce – only pay for valuable clicks to your website or calls to your practice.

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Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors
Case Study

Helping Detroit’s premier LASIK provider
grow patient volume and reduce costs

A new, more effective Google Ads strategy helped Lake Lazer Eye Center increase monthly patient volume while lowering cost per lead.
Read the Case Study
Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors

Why do doctors need PPC for Healthcare?

If Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns are the smartest investment you can make in your practice, expert PPC management is a close second.

Let’s face it: very few doctors are also advertising experts. Setting up campaigns on your own likely means you’ll miss valuable targeting options, advanced bid strategies, and campaign structure best practices – and those failures mean wasted ad spend and sub-par metrics.

You would never light money on fire in real life. Why waste money on poorly-managed campaigns?

Our PPC campaign experts help your advertising dollars go farther by showing the right ads to the right patients at the right time. Plus, we’re a Google Partner, so we have access to Google’s resources and insights to help propel your campaigns farther.

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Average Client Results

We help practices
attract new patients and grow faster with PPC ads for doctors

1 in 8
Messenger healthcare marketing|ppc ads for doctors

“I was blown away by Messenger’s knowledge about our industry and our market. We have learned new things from them on how to better market our brands and stay innovative. I have never experienced better service from any of the other vendors I work with.”

Sarah LeVan
Marketing and Clinical Manager, Empire Eye and Laser Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of PPC ads for doctors do you help practices manage?

We can help you advertise on any platform, and with any type of ad campaign. However, the most popular advertising campaigns many of our clients choose are Search Campaigns and Display Campaigns on Google Ads, as well as Video ads on YouTube.

Do you require minimum contract length for paid search for doctors?

No, we do not require a minimum contract length for paid search for doctors. Each contract is month-to-month.

Our practice is new, and we've never done advertising before. Can you help us get started?

Absolutely! We help new practices get set up with digital advertising for the first time, in addition to helping older, more established practices optimize their advertising and make their campaigns more effective. To learn more about paid search for physicians or request a free quote, please contact us.

Do you charge a percentage of ad spend?

No. Unlike other agencies, Messenger does not charge a percentage of monthly ad spend on top of our management fee.

Do you manage social media ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

We do! You can learn more about Paid Social Advertising here.

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