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MillennialEYE Features Quarterly Healthcare SEO Roundup

Messenger’s Quarterly Healthcare SEO Roundup Featured in MillennialEYE

In the healthcare search engine optimization (SEO) world, change is the only constant. Google made 3,234 changes to its algorithm in 2018 alone, for an average of almost 9 changes per day.

Because of the fast-paced nature of healthcare SEO, it’s crucial for physicians to understand how SEO works, what’s going on in the field, and how they can stay on top of all the changes to help their practices come out on top.

That’s why we’re proud to have our Quarterly Healthcare SEO Roundup featured in MillennialEYE to help doctors and marketing managers understand the fast-changing world of healthcare SEO.

To help physicians and their marketing managers stay on top of the biggest developments in SEO, our article summarizes the major changes that occurred this quarter. Included are actionable tips and insights that practices can take to respond to market changes, stay on top of their online presence, and keep acquiring patients from organic search, such as:

  • January Google Core Algorithm Update
  • Featured Snippet Changes
  • Google’s Switch to Mobile-First Indexing

Read the full article on MillennialEYE’s website here.

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