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Tag: Medical Search Engine Optimization

Messenger healthcare marketing | the three biggest healthcare seo mistakes medical practices make

The Three Biggest Healthcare SEO Mistakes Medical Practices Make

If you want to fill your patient pipeline, healthcare Search Engine Optimization is a must. SEO can help you rank higher on Google and other search engines, which helps more patients find your website. Increased web traffic from search leads to more patient inquiries, which leads to more appointments, more

Messenger healthcare marketing | 7 things you should know about healthcare seo

7 Things You Should Know About Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an essential marketing tool for physicians in private practice. Done right, healthcare SEO helps promote your services on search engines like Google so that you can get more traffic and more patients. If you want to grow your practice, here are 7 things you should know

Messenger healthcare marketing | the top 6 technical seo issues found on healthcare websites

The Top 6 Technical SEO Issues Found on Healthcare Websites

As a doctor, your website is the most crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. Your website is almost always the first touchpoint that patients have with you, so it’s important to rank high on Google for important terms. But many doctors’ websites have hidden problems lurking beneath the surface that

Messenger healthcare marketing | google page experience update: why it matters for healthcare providers

Google Page Experience Update: Why it Matters for Healthcare Providers

Last year, Google announced their “Core Web Vitals” algorithm update, which is designed to elevate websites that deliver an exceptional user experience. The algorithm update was originally scheduled to release in May of 2020. In light of the pandemic and the challenges many businesses have faced, Google delayed the release

Messenger healthcare marketing | how the google search algorithm works

How the Google Search Algorithm Works

We all know that Google is the most important tool for finding information on the internet. It’s used by billions of people around the world to discover, connect, and learn each and every day. But most people don’t think about how Google actually works. That’s what we’ll explore this week

Messenger healthcare marketing | how to conduct a healthcare seo audit: useful steps for doctors

How to Conduct a Healthcare SEO Audit: Useful Steps for Doctors

Google is the #1 driver of patient acquisition for many healthcare practices, so you can’t afford to not rank well. Search engine optimization audits are an important step for anyone looking to improve their SEO rankings. This is especially true in healthcare because Google holds doctors to higher standards with

Messenger healthcare marketing | the top 3 mistakes doctors make with seo

The Top 3 Mistakes Doctors Make with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today. Doctors who are looking to grow their practice should be focusing on SEO, as it can lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates for their websites. But doctors are medical experts, not marketing experts,