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Tag: Medical Practice Marketing

5 Secrets of Healthcare Advertising in 2020 to Grow Your Practice

Imagine you could attract record numbers of new patients to your practice. Your practice would get more leads each week. Your revenue would grow month-over-month. Your marketing would be firing on all cylinders and delivering high-value patients to your front door. But right now, that feels impossible, right? That's because:

Healthcare Marketing Trends and Ideas for 2020

Healthcare is a dynamic, fast-moving industry – and so is healthcare marketing. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and attract more patients this year, here are several healthcare marketing trends and ideas to market your private practice in 2020 and beyond.

Top 7 Practice Marketing Tips

Most ophthalmologists and practice managers view marketing solely as advertising to attract new patients to your practice. A better definition of marketing, however, is any activity that moves your practice in a desired direction. A desired direction may include increasing revenue, attracting new patients, expanding your presence in your market,

Ethical Marketing and Advertising in Ophthalmology

Competition is on the rise in healthcare. Especially as reimbursements decrease for many ophthalmic procedures, more ophthalmologists are turning to marketing to attract more patients, increase revenue, and stay competitive. Many ophthalmologists rely on marketing agencies rather than performing marketing activities in-house, and it’s all to easy for physicians to

Why all ophthalmic practices should be more like Tesla

A Look at a High-Touch, Relational Approach to Patient Experience In our last post, we looked at the value of using a psychological concept called priming to attract and retain more satisfied patients at your ophthalmic practice. While priming and other psychological tactics are powerful, they can’t stand on their