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Tag: Medical Practice Marketing

Messenger healthcare marketing | how not to do ophthalmic practice marketing

How NOT to do Ophthalmic Practice Marketing

I got an email today advertising “LASIK SPECIAL – ACT NOW!” My spam filters usually catch these overt advertisements before they get through to my inbox, and the ones that do get deleted immediately. I’m highly myopic, so I could probably benefit from LASIK…but I don’t want to learn more

Messenger healthcare marketing | 15 surprising statistics about the internet in 2017

15 Surprising Statistics about the Internet in 2017

The Internet is a fascinating place: fast-paced, always changing, and always throwing more than one surprise our way. Here are some of the most interesting (and surprising) stats about the Internet and how people are using it in 2017: 1. 17% of all websites use Responsive Web Design, 21% use

Messenger healthcare marketing | setting smart marketing goals for your ophthalmic practice

Setting SMART Marketing Goals for Your Ophthalmic Practice

Well, it’s February, which means the year is already 10% over. Statistically, that means only 42% of people who made New Years’ Resolutions have stuck to them. The other 58% of people have long-since fallen off and abandoned their goals. Why? Put simply, because setting goals is a hard thing

Messenger healthcare marketing | marketing: not the four-letter word you think it is

Marketing: Not the Four-Letter Word You Think It Is

When many people think of marketing, they conjure up images of salespeople, false advertising, cold calls, and annoying popups on websites. But marketing, in its most pure form, is none of these things. Marketing is a powerful force to be reckoned with…when it is done right. The used car salesman

Messenger healthcare marketing | the patient is *not* always right

The Patient is *Not* Always Right

Leveraging the Power of Physician Review Sites The age of the Internet has brought about online reviews for just about everything – products bought on Amazon, restaurants, bars, professional services, and of course, medical practices. By the democratization of the review process, patients no longer need to rely on word

Messenger healthcare marketing | how ophthalmologists can reach millennials

How Ophthalmologists Can Reach Millennials

Who are millennials, and why do they matter anyway? It seems that seldom can we go a day without news of how the millennial generation is interacting with their world in a new way. From advertising to social media to the “new normal” of online dating, the millennial generation is

Messenger healthcare marketing | how to get the most out of facebook as an ophthalmologist

How to get the most out of Facebook as an Ophthalmologist

You probably have a personal Facebook account, but are you harnessing the power of the popular social network for your ophthalmic practice? Here are a few tips that address how to make the most of Facebook as an ophthalmologist: Be active While you won’t post on Facebook as frequently as

Messenger healthcare marketing | 10 things your practice’s website must have

10 things your practice’s website must have

More and more physicians are beginning to understand the power of the Internet to connect and engage with current and potential patients, but too often, websites are still out of date or difficult to navigate, frustrating the user and forcing them to abandon their search. Want to make the most