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Tag: Medical Website Design

A Brief History of the Internet

How did we get here? Let’s be honest: technology can be exhausting sometimes. It seems that each passing year (or perhaps more accurately, each passing day) brings with it a dozen new technologies, from new social media platforms to connected smart home devices to drone-delivery-in-seventeen-minutes-as-a-service. The Internet of Things is

Time for a Practice Website Redesign? Here’s How to Succeed

If you’ve spent more than a few years at your ophthalmic practice, it’s likely that you’ve seen your practice website go through some changes. Sometimes they’re minor – a quick addition to the staff bios, a new page here or there. But sometimes the changes are far more widespread –

How Patients See Your Website [Infographic]

While potential patients users may enter your website from a variety of different sources, there’s one thing that’s certain – you need them to stay. After all, what good is your website if users only stay for a few seconds and then leave? In order to make sure your website

The Unseen Risk Hiding in Your Website

When it comes to our marketing, our websites are often treated like cars: change the oil every 3 months, but unless something breaks or a problems arises, they usually require fairly little maintenance, right? Wrong. The Internet moves a little faster than the automotive industry. While a vehicle from 2007

10 things your practice’s website must have

More and more physicians are beginning to understand the power of the Internet to connect and engage with current and potential patients, but too often, websites are still out of date or difficult to navigate, frustrating the user and forcing them to abandon their search. Want to make the most