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The Messenger Healthcare Marketing Blog

How Much Should SEO Cost?

SEO is one of the best strategies a private practice can employ to get more patients, but mysteries abound: How does it work? How can we measure ROI? Where should we begin? But the main question we get from private practices time and time again

Setting Up a New Medical Practice During COVID-19

Setting Up a New Medical Practice During COVID-19 This week, we’ll explore best practices and marketing channels for setting up a new practice and getting leads fast during COVID-19. This episode is a replay of a webinar hosted by the team at SoftwareFinder. A video

Dr. Daniel Chang on Expanding a Healthcare Brand

In this episode of the Medical Marketing Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Daniel Chang of Empire Eye and Laser Center to discuss how to expand an existing healthcare brand, how to hire the right people, and how to deliver exceptional patient experience.