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The Messenger Healthcare Marketing Blog

How Ophthalmologists Can Reach Millennials

Who are millennials, and why do they matter anyway? It seems that seldom can we go a day without news of how the millennial generation is interacting with their world in a new way. From advertising to social media to the “new normal” of online

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Doctors

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, but when it comes to utilizing it in the medical field, certain rules apply. Here are some best practices for successfully using social media as a doctor: DO be on multiple platforms. Different audiences are on different platforms, so

5 Common Myths about Social Media

Let’s face it: social media as a tool for business is here to stay. Whether you choose to utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other number of platforms, the opportunity that social media affords physicians to connect and engage with patients is astounding. But many

10 things your practice’s website must have

More and more physicians are beginning to understand the power of the Internet to connect and engage with current and potential patients, but too often, websites are still out of date or difficult to navigate, frustrating the user and forcing them to abandon their search.

Why every practice needs a promotional video

More and more, patients are going online to research physicians before they make a choice. While the average patient may have a primary care provider that they turn to for day-to-day medical needs, the treatment an ophthalmologist offers isn’t quite as frequent, so patients are