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The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites [Infographic]

As an ophthalmologist, you recognize the power of social media to grow your brand, spread your message, and attract new patients to your practice.

But social media marketing for ophthalmology can be hard. It’s not enough to just create content and post it whenever it “feels right” – some times are better than others.

So what’s the best time to post on social media?

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect answer. Patients browse different platforms at different times (and for different reasons). Good post timing depends on the platform you’re using, the message you want to send, how your target audience uses the platform to engage with brands like yours, and other marketing goals.

However, there is lots of data out there on the “best” times to post on various social media platforms. The infographic below combines data from more than a dozen studies to show the best times for your practice to post on social media.

Bookmark this post as a go-to set of guidelines, and refer to it next time you need to find the optimal posting times for your ophthalmic practice.

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