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Tag: The Medical Marketing Podcast

How to Get More Patient Reviews

If you want to get more patient reviews for your practice, you need to have a robust system for collecting feedback and turning positive patient experiences into glowing online reviews. This week on the Medical Marketing Podcast, we’ll show you how to do just that.

A Conversation about Healthcare SEO with Matthew Woodward

This week, we sit down to talk about Search Engine Optimization and how healthcare professionals can use SEO to their advantage with world-renowned SEO expert Matthew Woodward. Matthew’s twenty-plus years of experience with SEO has given him some great insights into the SEO industry. Enjoy our conversation!

How to Use Remarketing with Display Ads on Google

Not every patient will convert the very first time they click on your ad. That’s why you need to make the most of every opportunity to connect and engage with your website visitors. In this week’s episode, we’ll teach you how to use remarketing and display ads to re-engage with prospective patients until they convert.