Case Study

Eye Center of New York

Eye Center of New York needed to establish itself as the premier ophthalmic practice in Manhattan Β and attract new patients. We helped Medical Director Tal Raviv, MD and the team at Eye Center of New York to create a brand new website, promotional video, and marketing materials that helped get their practice off the ground.


Web Design
Video Production
Discovery & Strategy

Project Date

December 2014

The Challenge

When the Eye Center of New York approached Messenger, they were seeking to create their story from scratch. Medical Director Tal Raviv, MD had a personal website with a CV and some scholarly articles, but the business had no marketing materials to speak of.

While many clients come to Messenger with a pre-existing website or marketing materials, Eye Center of New York literally only had a logo. While this made the project more challenging than most, it also afforded us a unique opportunity to work together and craft a message and a story that would connect with the patients Dr. Raviv would serve.

The Solution: A New Website

Messenger worked with the Eye Center of New York to design and develop a brand new website to help showcase their services, tell their story, and equip patients with a variety of tools to make their experience better.

New website for the Eye Center of New York, a Messenger client

Not only did this new website help more patients discover all that Eye Center of New York had to offer, but it helped them have a better experience by giving them plenty of online resources.

We created the website to help patients understand procedures, including what to expect before surgery, post-op instructions, convenient check-in options with Yosi, and even a way to pay their bill online.

Perhaps Dr. Raviv’s favorite feature of the website was the ability for patients to pay their bill online. Gone are the days of tracking down patients, waiting for checks in the mail, or expensive credit card fees at the office. The bill pay system we instituted through MoonClerk allows patients at the Eye Center of New York to pay online and cut the hassle of mailing in checks, while the Eye Center gets paid quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we implemented a review system that the staff at Eye Center of New York use to help gather patient feedback and improve their reputation online.

The Solution: A Promotional Video

In addition to the new website, we created a new promotional video to showcase Eye Center of New York’s services and give it a human face. By interviewing both Dr. Raviv and some of his patients, and by getting footage in the clinic and the operating, we were able to show results of the Eye Center of New York’s work, not just information about their services.

In the end, this helped Eye Center of New York bring more patients through the door – the effectiveness of video was a powerful tool to help share the mission and vision of Eye Center of New York.


β€œUpon starting a modern, technology-driven ophthalmology practice in Manhattan, I sought a web designer that could represent all that and more. With Messenger, I was able to hone the practice message with a professionally-produced video and a modern, clean, mobile-friendly website that serves the millennials and baby boomers alike.”

Tal Raviv, MD

Founder and Medical Director, Eye Center of New York


With a brand new website and promotional video, the Eye Center of New York was able to successfully launch and create awareness of its services, which led to more patients and a booming practice.

The online bill pay system has helped make the lives of the administrative staff at Eye Center of New York easier, helping them to improve the efficiencies of the practice and giving them time and bandwidth to focus on growth.

The online review system we implemented has helped the Eye Center improve its presence online, and patient reviews have led to more business from the increasing number of patients who do their research online before visiting an ophthalmic practice.

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