Find more patients on social media with Facebook Ads for doctors

Not advertising on Facebook? You could be missing out on patients.

Our Facebook advertising experts make it easy to grow your practice with social ads that deliver new patients – fast.

How do your social ads perform? 

1 out of 3 people on the planet has a Facebook account.1 That’s a lot of patients.

2.6 billion people use Facebook every month. That many Facebook users presents an incredible opportunity for your practice to reach new heights. With such a large audience size, Facebook is a dream come true for the healthcare professional.

Smart, targeted Facebook advertising campaigns can attract new patients, boost revenue, and help your practice grow faster than you ever thought possible before.

Drive engagement

Looking to expand the reach of your social channels and digital marketing? A Facebook ad can drive meaningful clicks to your website, but it can also boost engagement with your social presence and help grow your Facebook business page.

As your social media audience grows over time, the efforts applied to your other marketing channels is amplified and practice growth becomes easier than ever before. With our expertly-crafted Facebook Ads campaigns, we help you get the “practice growth flywheel” spinning.

Drive engagement on social media with Facebook Ads for doctors
Attract more patients to your practice

Diversify lead sources

A smart healthcare advertising plan doesn’t put all eggs in one basket. Facebook advertising helps you attract diverse leads within your target market. Unlike other advertising channels that rely on searches, Facebook allows you to target the right patients based on demographic and social data – which means higher quality patient leads for your practice.

How does your practice compare?

See how your campaigns compare to other practices in your local area.
We compare and analyze your practice growth against best practices and find opportunities to help you improve.

    Why are Facebook Ads campaigns important for doctors?

    Why are Facebook Ads so important for doctors?

    With expertly-managed Facebook advertising campaigns, your practice can generate new leads and fill your patient pipeline faster than ever before. But the benefits don’t stop there…

    Immediate results

    Unlike traditional marketing channels that can take months or even years to see results, ads on Facebook show up in patients’ news feed right away – which means more ideal patient leads for your practice.

    Advanced targeting

    Advanced targeting strategies allow you to reach the your target audience at the right time, eliminating bad leads and improving performance and ROI.

    Clear, actionable reporting

    Don’t be left in the dark about your ads’ effectiveness – get real performance data that helps you make better decisions.

    Only Pay for Results

    Stop throwing money away on marketing strategies that don’t produce – only pay for valuable social interactions or new leads for your practice.

    Why do doctors need Facebook Ads Management to get more patients?

    Anyone can make an advertising campaign on Facebook. But making a campaign successful is a different story.

    Between clinical care and the business aspects of your practice, you likely don’t have time to learn and implement concepts like CPA, CPM, advanced targeting strategies, and conversion tracking. That’s why you need the help of an expert to make sure your social advertising is operating at peak performance.

    Our social advertising experts help your advertising budget stretch farther by showing the right message to patients in your target demographic at the right time.

    With years of experience in the healthcare industry, our Facebook advertising team is ready to take your practice to the next level.

    Can you say growth?

    See our incredible results

    Practices who choose Messenger to manage their Facebook Ads are thriving


    Increase in Conversions from Facebook Ads


    Average new patient leads per month


    1 in 8 people who click on an ad become a patient

    “Building name recognition in a highly saturated market was tough, but our online campaigns have helped our optical boutique increase traffic 27% within the first year – and we’re still seeing an increase. These campaigns have had an incredible positive impact on our business. I have never experienced better service from any of the other vendors I work with.”

    — Sarah LeVan | Clinical and Marketing Manager, Parkway Optical Boutique

    Sarah LeVan of Parkway Optical Boutique

    Facebook Advertising FAQs

    Yes, in order to run healthcare ads on Facebook, you will need a Facebook business page.

    A Facebook business page will not only help you show your ads to potential new patients, but can help your practice establish a presence on Facebook and engage with prospective patients through organic posts.

    Both Google Ads and Facebook are effective ways of advertising your services to potential patients. However, they are different in their approach to advertising.

    Most advertising on Google is done with “search ads”, which are ads that display based on what a patient is searching for. Because of this, advertisers are able to show hyper-relevant ad copy to prospective patients that matches exactly what they are searching for. Google also offers display ads, which are shown on websites around the Internet.

    Facebook, however, displays ads to people based on the social data Facebook knows about them. This includes things like a person’s friend list, their geographic location, Facebook pages they have liked, and other factors.

    There are also limitations with advertising Google. For instance, Google does not allow healthcare practitioners to use retargeting strategies, since providers handle sensitive patient data and may have knowledge of a patient’s health condition, which Google considers a sensitive category.

    There are a variety of targeting options available on Facebook, including age gender, geographic location, Facebook pages they have liked or interacted with, and a number of other factors.

    We also like to use a custom audience or a lookalike audience to target patients, both of which are very effective.

    Ad targeting on Facebook is important because in order to be effective, your ads must be relevant to the patient that is seeing them. Without advanced targeting, a Facebook ad would lack relevance, and therefore wouldn’t lead to meaningful results for the advertiser.

    Want to take the next step advertising on Facebook? Simply submit your contact information to us using this form. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, and job title, and we’ll reach out with next steps!

    Ready for more patients?

    See how your Facebook Ads campaigns compare to other practices in your local area.
    We compare and analyze your practice growth and find opportunities to help you improve.