Case Study

Paragon BioTeck

Paragon BioTeck needed to produce videos for their iLast and Comfortear products by leveraging the voices of their Key Opinion Leaders on social media and through their marketing.Β We helped Paragon BioTeck create promotional videos of their KOLs and a video advertisement for the ASCRS tradeshow in New Orleans.


Video Storyboarding
Video Production
Video Post-Production

Project Date

March 2016

The Challenge

Paragon BioTeck had assembled an impressive array of Key Opinion Leaders to help market their lid hygiene products, but they wanted to expand their reach.

While the KOLs had great things to say about Paragon’s products, their professional opinions and expertise hadn’t been captured in a way that let Paragon’s potential customers know what the “experts” had to say. Paragon was missing out on a substantial opportunity to tell their story.

The Solution: Key Opinion Leader Videos

Messenger helped Paragon edit video content of Key Opinion Leaders’ testimonials about the iLast and Comfortear lid hygiene products.

These eight videos served multiple purposes: not only could they be shown at trade shows, and other industry events, but they were also cut so that Paragon could use them for social media as well.

Combined with exceptional product imagery, these KOL testimonial videos have helped Paragon market their lid hygiene system and speak of the incredible results the experts have been able to obtain with Paragon’s products.

The Solution: Video Ad for ASCRS

In addition to KOL testimonial videos, Paragon wanted to make a splash at the upcoming ASCRS trade show with some video advertisements as well.

Seeing as the event was being held in new Orleans, we decided to go with a jazz-themed ad showing off Paragon’s suite of lid hygiene products.

These ads were played on the shuttle buses taking conference attendees to and from their hotels to the convention center.


“It was a pleasure working with Messenger for our video testimonials. We weren’t able to be present for the video shoot, but they were very responsive and informative during the whole process – I felt confident that we were in good hands. Plus, our experts were grateful for the professionalism and guidance their team offered once they were in front of the camera. Thank you!”

Stefanie Henning

Director of Marketing, Paragon BioTeck


By helping showcase their products through advertisements and promotional testimonial videos, we were able to help Paragon BioTeck put its products (and the experts’ testimonials) into the spotlight. These videos have become a crucial piece in Paragon’s marketing of their lid hygiene system.

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