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Promotional Videos

Using Video to Attract More Patients to Your Ophthalmic Practice

For many patients, even the most routine medical appointment can make them nervous. Going to the doctor can be a…

Marketing Promotional Videos Website Design

5 Tips to Optimize Landing Page Videos and Make Patients Convert

If you want your practice to stand apart from every other practice in your market, chances are you should be…

Promotional Videos

The Anatomy of a Great Promotional Video For Your Ophthalmic Practice

Created with Sketch. When it comes to digital marketing, video is king. Multiple studies have shown the impact that brand…

Marketing Promotional Videos

Why You Should Use Video to Market Your Ophthalmic Practice

Created with Sketch. โ€œA video is worth how much?โ€ As marketing professionals find more unique ways to get their usersโ€™…

Marketing Patient Experience Promotional Videos

Cataract Surgery Changed My Life: A Patient’s Perspective

Created with Sketch. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, we dug deep into our archives to…

Promotional Videos

Why every practice needs a promotional video

More and more, patients are going online to research physicians before they make a choice. While the average patient may…

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